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    Ballmedia is a network of ball-related wikis. However, Ballmedia is forward towards expansion and is always open to wiki membership. You can request your wiki's membership to the network in Requests for Membership.

    Membership[edit | edit source]

    Appointment[edit | edit source]

    To request membership for your wiki, you must follow these requirements:

    • The user who is requesting wiki membership must be an admin and/or bureaucrat of that wiki.
    • The wiki must have Polandball-esque characters as their main basis of their community.
    • The topic of that community doesn't contrast nor share any similarities to another existing community in the network, to prevent confusion between wikis.
    • The bureaucrats of the wiki has accepted and ratified the terms present in the Charter of Ballmedia.

    Once your wiki is requested:

    • Your wiki will be decided upon by the Board of Wiki Representatives upon recommendation by the members of the Network Council. (Refer to Chapter II of the Charter of Ballmedia.)
    • Your wiki will also go under review by the members of the Network Council for any mischievous intention, active administration and bureaucracy, etc.
      • Wikis with no active bureaucrats and/or admins will have an election held on-wiki, so a steward can assess the election properly.

    Suspension/Expulsion[edit | edit source]

    Your wiki may be suspended or expelled from the network or membership if the wiki:

    • Doesn't fulfill all the requirements.
    • Has any mischievous activity involving the community and its users. (e.g. plans on raids on other wikis)

    Wiki Setup[edit | edit source]

    Once your wiki has officially become a member:

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