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    Ballmedia, formally the Ballmedia Foundation is a non-profit organization about ball wikis. Ballmedia Central is a network of ball-related wikis.

    History[edit | edit source]

    Pre-Ballmedia (September 12th, 2021 - October 3rd, 2021)[edit | edit source]

    On September 12th, 2021, Denatidum suggested an idea on the Polandball Wiki Discord Server about a network of wikis similar to Wikimedia. Polandball Wiki bureaucrat and Miraheze wiki creator Agent Isai agreed with the idea of a network unifying all ball-related wikis. Denatidum also came up with the name for the network, which is to be Ballmedia (Ball, signifying anything related to Polandball and -media, as used in Wikimedia, to make it similar to Wikimedia).

    Denatidum wanted a common images wiki, like Wikimedia Commons. Agent Isai had already made a common images wiki before their idea, at the time called Polandball Commons.

    On October 3rd, 2021, the Charter of Ballmedia was completed by SchizoACC, which is inspired by the Charter of United Nations. October 3rd will be marked as the creation date of Ballmedia.

    October 2021[edit | edit source]

    There are 13 wikis that joined Ballmedia at first, with the most notable wikis are Polandball, Polcompball, etc.

    Ballmedia Central on Miraheze and Ballmedia Discord server are created shortly after October 3rd. The organization structure is basically completed with Agent became the first Director, Denatidum and SchizoACC became the first staff of Network Consul.

    On October 5th, Polcompball joined Ballmedia. Some conflict arose but they have been solved by Ballmedia staff.

    On October 12th, due to skirmish and misunderstanding caused by Polandball wiki staff and the spontaneous raiding of rogue users from Spanish Polandball wiki, the Hispanic Union (Alliance of Spanish ball wikis) almost got kicked out of Ballmedia. Thanks to diplomacy and negotiation, the Hispanic Union reconciled and continued to be a part of Ballmedia.

    On the same day, Ballmedia helped Chromeball Wiki staff took back their wiki by organizing an bureaucrat election. Janx became the first Network Sysop.

    On October 19th, a member from Miraheze Stewards called "Dhemus" have to intervene in Polcompball wiki due to multiple Code of Conduct violations. Carpenter family get blocked for 18 hours as a result. To prevent the wiki from getting shut down or being take over by Counter Vandalism Team, Ballmedia have to shutdown the comment section temporarily before an abuse filter was set up.

    On October 22th, Ballmedia restored comments on Polcompball after the abuse filter have been settled up.

    November 2021[edit | edit source]

    PCBA wiki become an issue of Ballmedia. The staff decide not to intervene and let the wiki decide its own fate.

    On November 11th, 2021, Polish Polandball and Polski Mapping wiki joined Ballmedia.

    Ballmedia Archives discord server was evacuated and merged with the official Ballmedia discord server.

    SchizoACC decided that the former Polish Polandball staff's authority over the new Polish Polandball is obsolete and unjustified.

    It's Because:

    - The former staff stop any attempts of reviving the Polish Polandball wiki.

    - The former staff offend, insult, mute, kick and ban any users who tried to rebuild the wiki.

    - The former staff lied to new users that the wiki is dead, actually there is a new wiki on Miraheze with imported files and waiting to be reconstructed.

    - The former staff have no authority over the new Miraheze wiki, and the only user who request the wiki creation, file importation, edit and hold admin/bureaucrat privilege is DualPlay.

    => Considering this behavior as dangerous and a threat to the interwiki cooperation and stability, the official Polish Polandball wiki owner is DualPlay. The former staff will only be seen as normal users. Any action that threatened to Ballmedia and interwiki stability will be met with force. This is the warning from Ballmedia to the former staff.

    On November 13th, people in now-defunct Ballmedia Archives discord server migrated to the official Ballmedia discord server. The Archives server has been deleted few days later.

    On November 14th, the Director appoints Dmehus as honorary Consul to give local jurisdiction on top of existing Stewardship.

    On November 15th, The Mapping Wiki collaborate with Ballmedia as partner. This is the first recorded time that ball wikis have cooperate with mapping wikis.

    On November 17th, Japanese Polandball joined Ballmedia.

    TheAnimeMapper2020, admin of Companyball and Companyball fanon requested Ballmedia staff to help them with wiki skins problem. It has been solved and Companyball wikis have their skins changed to Cosmos (Based on Fandom's Oasis)

    On November 19th, Janx (Network Sysop) was demoted and banned from PBW and consequently, he was fired from Ballmedia staff.

    On November 20th, Polandball wiki leave Ballmedia because "...it is full of Polcompball users..." and decide to run against Ballmedia in the LGBallT bureaucrat election. Agent migrate PBW images from Commons back to the wiki using maintenance script.

    On November 21th, Denatidum and SchizoACC resign and the new Consul election started on Polandball Wiki Discord server

    November 28th, The old Consuls return to the position of power. The departure of PBW shows that Ballmedia is a young, insecure and weak organization, with the undemocratic decision-making of a few privilege individuals could paralyzed the whole organization and the decentralization proves to be inefficient and unable to intervene and completely solve disputes. From this lesson, the staff has wrapped up a plan to fully utilize Ballmedia's potential. A new era for Ballmedia will come.

    December 2021[edit | edit source]

    PCB and PCBA are addressed by Miraheze operatives for global policy issues. The wikis double their efforts and attempt to remediate the issue as Ballmedia works to recapture the spark of its founding and pursue the new era.

    On December 2nd, the Director appoints Raidarr as Consul to aid in Ballmedia's development.

    On December 9th, PCB comment got turned off again due to toxic and CoC violation comments from an user called "Kemalist Enver Pasha", which is another sock puppet a ban evader called "TVRK TVRAN BVLL". After discussing this wiki a few wiki creators, Global Sysops and Stewards, we've all come to the agreement anarchy wikis should never again be accepted. PCBA is continued to operate as long as they do abide Global Sysops' warning.

    January 2022[edit | edit source]

    The organization went hiatus for nearly a month until SchizoACC set up a partnership with several Discord servers like PCBF, recruit old members like Janx, etc. Many activities are being done in order to bring the organization back from suspension again. January 29th, 2022, SchizoACC comprises the data of all Ballmedia members in order to devise a plan that will restore the activity and influence of Ballmedia.

    February 2022[edit | edit source]

    On February 14th, 2022, The Valentine Schism of Polcompball breaks out. Due to internal disagreement on the way the subreddit, the wiki, and the discord server are run, the staff of Polcompball began to split into 2 factions: Kevin (who control the subreddit) and SomeDude (who control the discord server). Both sides seek Ballmedia for assistance but Ballmedia have to stay neutral since the Charter only allow Ballmedia to intervene if the situation is worsened and spread to other memberwikis, otherwise they have to solve the disputes on their own.

    Ballmedia staff reached Agreelandball, Computerball, Companyball, and Companyball Fanon for membership. Several reorganizations and the set up of proper local rights and permissions have begun.

    March 2022[edit | edit source]

    The Polcompball Civil War is over. KEVIN is unbanned on Ballmedia discord server. The former official Polcompball discord server become semi-officially part of the "greater PCB Community". In context to r/polcompball, the former official server become the officially linked community server - not the chief server related to the subreddit, or polcompball comics exclusively. To summarize, "Polcompball" server is a seperate entity, with total autonomy, only related to PCB.

    "Polcompball Union" become a new discord server focused on the subreddit exclusively, changed into "r/Polcompball", and "Polcompball Forums" become the wiki server, exclusively focused on that.

    March 13th, 2022, the former official server of Polcompball is shut down by Discord due to TOS violation, the server owner of Polcompball got banned due to hate speech, that lead to the entire server got deleted, thus KEVIN and his staff control both the discord server and the subreddit of Polcompball. The old staff went hiatus.

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